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As a music lawyer I provide services in all aspects of the music industry. Practice areas include: contract review and negotiation, licensing, business + legal affairs, record labels + publishing, digital platforms, personal appearances, touring, live events, festivals, branding + endorsements, social media + influencers, as well as business consulting.

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Practice Areas



With nearly 15 years of industry experience I offer services in digital, music licensing and sync, music publishing, live performances, festivals, brands, artist management, merchandise + more. Together we will navigate the evolving landscape.

business and legal affairs

Offering in-house business and legal services tailored to your specific corporate needs in the entertainment industry and beyond. Services include transactional, procedural and business development.

personal appearances

Expertise in negotiating and drafting agreements involving live performances + events, festivals, residencies, touring, branded appearances, influencer appearances + events and personal services.


Festivals are a juggernaut in the live event space. I provide soup to nuts expertise from the ideation stage to completion of the event and everything in between.

influencers, brands + endorsements

Integral in connecting brands with influencers, artists, and other creatives. Will negotiate deals and agreements that best serve my clients while also protecting valuable intellectual property rights. Will monitor and advise on the Federal Trade Commission’s required disclosures + more.

business consultant + strategy

With nearly 15 years of industry experience and a vast network of contacts, I provide straightforward, honest and top of the line insight + advice in connection with business development, corporate resources and procedures, strategy, conflict resolution + more.


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
— Eleanor Roosevelt


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